Fall Community Cleaning

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Community Breezeway Cleaning

Please excuse us as we power wash all breezeways during the month of November

We are excited to announce our maintenance staff will begin power washing the building breezeways beginning Monday, November 3rd an will be cleaning one building a day throughout the month. They will start with building 1, and if all goes as according to plan, this will be the cleaning schedule:
  • Week 1 – Buildings 1-4
  • Week 2 – Buildings 5-8
  • Week 3 – Buildings 9-13
Please make sure to remove all personal items from and around your apartment door. Our maintenance staff will not be held liable for any damages to personal items. Good news is your outside entrance area will be clean by the end of November!

House Keeping Reminders

Help us keep our community clean…

Per our Community Policy regarding Patios, Balconies, and Walkways: it is the responsibility of everyone in the community to maintain the common areas in a clean and neat manner. Stairs, walkways, balconies and patios should be kept clear of clothes, bikes, debris, toys and garbage (Any of these items could be considered a "fire hazard" and may result in a fine through the Austin Fire Department) . Patios and balconies must only contain patio type furniture; all other objects must be stored in the apartment and storage closets. Clothes or towels are not allowed to be hung from the patio, balcony or railings of an apartment at anytime. Shades, netting or chicken wire to enclose patios for animals are not permitted on patios or balconies (unless approved by management). No wind chimes or bird feeders. Repeat or serious violations of these rules are grounds for the resident(s) to be evicted.
Special Note Effective Immediately
Per your lease agreement, residents are responsible in replacing their own light bulbs and batteries in smoke detectors. If you have a special circumstance and are unable to physically do this yourself, please submit a Service Request.

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