December News and Updates

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Westdale Creek is excited to announce we are upgrading our community lights to LED technology beginning this week. What this means to you…we will be replacing all lighting by your apartment entrance doors and the security lighting on buildings, parking lot, and common areas. If you haven’t been to the gym yet at night you may want to wear sunglasses (just kidding of course).

If you would like to utilize our holiday wrapping station, please come by the office with your packages December 8th – 20th and wrap until your hearts delight. We will have all you need to get the job done, plus cookies and coffee as a way of showing our appreciation to our residents at Westdale Creek.

The office will be closed on Christmas Day and the day after. All packages are available for pickup from 8:30am to 5:30 pm until Monday, December 24th. We unfortunately will not be able to deliver any packages to your apartment. Please make arrangements to pick up your packages in time for the holidays.

We kindly ask that you pick up your package within 24 hours of delivery since most of you know we do not have a lot of space to store them. If not picked up within 3 days of delivery they will be returned (unless prior arrangements have been made with the office).

We wish each of you a wonderful holiday season!

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