How to Prevent Unwanted Guests in Your Home (Rodent or Pest Prevention)

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Since we live in a community filled with nature, it is no surprise that with seasonal changes comes our pesky neighbors from the creek next door. Here’s some helpful tips to keep unwanted "guests" in your home:

  • Use trash cans with lids, if possible.
  • Clean up or vacuum food leftovers and crumbs on the floor.
  • Put away any fresh food that is left out on counters (such as fruit, breads, etc…)
  • Notify the office if you there are any unsealed points of entry into your home.
    Check areas like:

    • underneath your sinks
    • base of the toilet bowl and pipes
    • main entrance door and patio door
    • light fixtures in the patio or breezeway
  • Never leave any food outside on your balcony. 
  • Do not hang bird feeders. Not only does it attract birds, it will attract unwanted pests!
  • Take your trash out to the dumpster immediately. Leaving trash, even for a moment, by your door, may attracts all hungry little pests!
  • Be pro-active! As soon as you start noticing too many of these critters, submit a work order for rodent issues.  All in-home pest control requests are fulfilled on Wednesdays.

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