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As the beautiful Texas bluebonnets are fading away and the temperatures are beginning to climb, many of us will becranking up the air conditioner to fight the Texas heat! Here are a few helpful tips to get the most out of you’re Air Conditioner:

  • Be sure to set your air conditioner to 'AUTO' and not fan.
  • Raise the temperature a few degrees higher. Each degree below 78 degrees can increase your energy consumption 3-4%!
  • Invest in a box fan or use your ceiling fan. Fans can make you feel a few degrees cooler, using less energy and save you a lot of money.
  • If you use the fan, make sure it is spinning the right direction. Your fan should be spinning counter-clockwise during the hotter months because it pushes the air down instead of up (during the winter).
  • Change the filter every 30 days! Dirty filters can make your air conditioner work harder. Place a work order online or stop by at the office to say hello and pick up new air filter!
  • Air Conditioner not working after the office closes? For after-hour maintenance emergencies, call (512) 345-8653 to leave a voicemail for our on-call maintenance staff.

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