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As you already know, starting May 1, 2016, Westdale Creek is Going Green! To ensure all residents are prepared for this upcoming change and are already registered for Resident Services and RentPayment, please find the email 'Westdale Creek is Going Green!'  for instructions, contact our office at (512) 345-8653 or review our Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. When I attempt to set up my account online, it says I need my Resident ID. Where can I find it? Contact the office to get your unique Resident ID.
  2. If most of my income is cash and I don’t have a bank account/checkbook/credit card, how do I pay? Payments can be made by cash with a Pay-By-Cash Access Code at any MoneyGram locations (Login to your RentPayment.com account to access the payment information or visit the office to obtain your personal Pay By Cash flyer.)
  3. If don’t have a computer, how do I pay rent/submit a work order online? To place a work order, residents can use the computers in our Business Center during our regular office hours or download the RentCafe Resident Services app. To make a payment, call RentPayment at (866) 289-5977 (7 days a week, 7am-11pm) or download the RentPayment app.
  4. How do I pay online if I don’t have a credit card? You can pay by eCheck online through RentPayment.com or by cash with a Pay-By-Cash Access Code at any MoneyGram location.
  5. I submitted a work order online for a maintenance emergency, but nobody has called me back! ALL After-Hours Maintenance Emergencies MUST be submitted by phone to the office at (512) 345-8653. Press 3 to leave a voicemail for our on-call maintenance staff- The resident will receive a call back shortly after.
  6. Can a family member continue to write my rent check for me? The Family Member must provide your Apartment Number AND the balance due when paying by check or credit credit card: by phone to RentPayment (866) 289-5977 (7 days a week, 7am-11pm) or by cash with a Pay-ByCash Access Code at any MoneyGram location.

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